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raka furniture


Raka Iron Work (Raka Furniture). One of the largest manufacturing companies with latest plants and machines is started in 1970 by Shri Suganchand Raka, who was a visionary, technocrat & a person of pragmatic approach made this achievement within a short span. The branded steel furniture and office equipment, he could prove that in any business, sharing of experience and power of Knowledge with speed and effective decision making can play a vital role in its success. In the present era of cut-throat competition, systematic control of cost and undesirable overhead expense is the only way to bring a quality product at a competitive rate..

To maintain global standard of quality and procedures, "Raka" is the first furniture manufacturer. The ultimate result is the dream of common as well as rich Indian furniture customers is coming true.

Yes, it is possible, high quality furniture is most competitive of its kind from "Raka" Products and after sale services are available through distributors, all over the country.

The stringent quality control and inspection method, is carried out at all stages, i.e. procurement of raw material stage to dispatch of finished goods and accordingly, all due cares are taken in each and every points even from fixing screw to the final stage of packing.

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